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The Red Ball

Clip from the award-winning short film, that I was Director of Animation on.

Puddle (trailer)

Hand-drawn watercolour animation.

Puddle is the story of a young boy, who enters a magical upside down puddle world, to explore grief.

Talent Show

NFTS graduation film.


Matronly ex-dancer FAY ADAMS, coaches a bunch of eccentric children for the local Talent Show.

Grandads Funeral

Sand on glass animation. Screened at Encounters Film Festival.

What does an 8-year-old do at a funeral?

After I Saw You

Animated poem about love, loss and healing. 


Advert for the Kodak Student Commercial Awards.

Winner - Best in Brief

Winner - 3'rd Best Comercial Overall.

Bird Watching

Animated short about a group of urban birds and what they observe.

Kids and Adults

Character animation for Hong Kong TV


Flash animation, about a character called Monkey, who lets you interact with him.

Your Dog Ate My Cat

based on true events, a little girls cat goes missing and she suspects the worst.


One of my 'bedroom projects’ - it was screened at the London Short Film Festival 2012, receiving a special jury mention.

The Wrong Fit

A tense customer/sales woman relationship unfolds in the confined space of a department store fitting room.


NFTS pixilation animation project.


Capsule was made in just 16 hours. It shows a bleak future where humanity is confined, contained and managed by a draining and relentless, faceless entity.


Piojitos; the spanish word for Head-lice.


Animated to a pre-designed sound track, the sound inspired the theme.


This is the all too common story of head lice.


This experimental animated short is about the fear and shame that every parent goes through at some point when they find out their child has head lice!

Team Big

Title sequence for a TV show produced at the NFTS about overcoming challenges as an overweight person.

Union Street

I animated and co-directed, with Benjamin Bee, this short for the TUC ad competition.


Our aim was to highlight the benefits of joining a trade union in these economically uncertain times.


Advert for Crizal lenes. 

Player 01

Player 01 is the 10 second tale of an 8bit girl in an 8bit world.

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