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About me


This is me! (No, not the cute one, the other one)


When I’m not making goo-goo eyes at my son, I work as a freelance animator.


I’ve been lucky enough to work on some pretty cool stuff… 


Motion graphics for TV show ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown’ 

Photoshop wizardry for ITVX series ‘Deep Fake Neighbour Wars’

Computer interface mimicry for BBC Documentary ’Secrets Of An ISIS Smartphone’


As well as some more arty animations for charities and small businesses.


I also put to use the skills I picked up from the MA Animation Direction course I did at NFTS.


Recently I directed/animated a heartfelt short ‘The Red Ball’ (by Writer/Director George Morgan - check him out

The Red Ball was funded by BFI Screen South, and is currently making its way round the short film festival circuit.


I’m currently writing a couple of short animations, and hope to be developing them with an awesome producer, who keeps asking me to bring him stuff damn it!

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